The whole property is steeped in history, with talking points aplenty

Hosting a memorable party for your special guests is no easy task, and finding a sophisticated and exclusive venue is generally the hardest detail of all to get right. Thankfully, with more than 200 years of Scottish baronial history behind it, Blairquhan Castle offers you the unique opportunity to host a truly unforgettable experience for those lucky enough to receive an invite.

Your guests will enter via the main entrance where they will instantly fall in love with the exquisite interior of the saloon, complete with numerous portraits adorning the walls. Discovering the rest of the castle and its stunning gardens - glass of Champagne in hand - will further add to their experience, and there is so much to see. From the avenue of 18th century lime trees through to the intimate library - the whole property is steeped in history, with talking points aplenty.

Knowing that they are part of an exclusive set will encourage your guests to be at ease, allowing them to freely mingle and enjoy the company of others. After all, what good is a party without a little social interaction?